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MicroStar 2000

Build your own custom R/C system!

The MicroStar 2000 is an 8 channel Radio Controlled Transmitter design that you can build and use to upgrade your favorite old transmitter. The transmitter shown is a Proline Custom Competition radio that I have upgraded. This design consists of two major components, the Encoder, and the RF Deck.



Encoder rev 5.0 is here!

Jon Crick has updated the Encoder design and added USB support on board. The new Encoder is the same size and the connectors are in the same location as the rev 4.0 Encoder. Functionally the Encoder is the same and you have on board jumper options that allow you to select what mode of operation you would like to use.


Helicopter Support

Comprehensive helicopter support has been added to the MicroStar with firmware version 2.0n. This document provides an overview of the new helicopter features. The helicopter support includes 4 flight modes or flight conditions that are available when you enable the helicopter option. The flight modes are:


Encoder rev 4.0

This paper will introduce the Encoder electronics from the hardware design standpoint. I will reference the component designators on the schematic and I assume you have a hardcopy of the schematic for reference.


Adjusting the joystick pots with an ohmmeter

The MicroStar Encoder joystick pots can be adjusted and centered using an ohmmeter. This procedure will allow you to set all of the pot positions as you assemble the system. Here is the procedure: